Mugello:Test GP12 news Eng version

di Giorgio Mulliri

Mugello:Test GP12 news  Eng version

Mugello testing: GP12 News
The photo above is from GPone

Based on the few pictures that circulate online, most of which on, and from the meager statements of Valentino Rossi at the end of testing, I was able to determine something about the changes implemented on the Desmosedici GP12 at Mugello. 
In my article from May 25th, I predicted a new design for the fuel tank to look for a better balance of the bike’s center of mass, because it was not acceptable to move the pilot back and forth, lengthening or shortening the fake tank cover, to move the weights.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

The next logical step would be to modify the frame to insert a different tank.
Until now, updates in the development of the GP12 have been few ............ An aluminum swing arm and new traction control software.
However from the words of Preziosi came yet another confirmation of my hypothesis: the tank was redesigned by moving it partially forward

In my drawing I will try to explain how this was done.
The first photo is of an HRC tank, which helps us to understand more or less what we're talking about, since there are no pictures of the real Ducati tank.
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This is a tank that comes with the Yamaha M1 of the Tech 3 Team.
Free Image Hosting at

The following photo is a representation of how the tank was at the first test in Sepang: it extended under the seat, developing around the exhaust.

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The continued lack of load on the front lamented by Valentino made Preziosi try to change the balance by shifting the location of the CPUs, which where presumably located in the area of ​​the old tank, probably moving them inside the front fairing (nose) of the GP12.
It's just a guess, though, because spaces are limited on the Ducati, but if the problem was too much load on the back wheel...
This picture is drawn to highlight the forward shift of the tank.
Free Image Hosting at show us photos of a "tank cover" with a definitely unusual cut, well over half the “tank”, which confirms that they had to redesign it.

Free Image Hosting at

I know many expected some bigger news but as I say usually, without any pictures it’s difficult for me to make predictions, however in the end I can’t complain.
The question at this point is: why are these updates so late?
I've got my idea. The various upgrades that should have provided even to Barbera (the famous new bike, as stated both by him and Guidotti at the presentation of the team and on Hector’s site months ago) may have been blocked by the-then-imminent change of Ducati’s ownership by Audi? 
And maybe Valentino wanted to give a “push” with his recent statements to get the ball rolling again in Ducati, while lifting Preziosi from responsibilities in these delays? 
This hypothesis has its good points.

It’s hot In Malaga…

Obviously these thoughts are only intended to help understand things better.

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